One-on-one Coaching

I have a good feel for the work lives of others and a proven approach that builds on their strengths. My areas of expertise and current interest include:

  • Self-Awareness — knowing your blind spots, your strengths, your network of associates, and how you typically respond under pressure, is the essence of leadership.
  • Communications — listening, finding your voice, giving and receiving feedback, and delivering messages through stories as well as numbers…there are no substitutes.
  • Emotional intelligence — noticing and naming your feelings helps you build successful relationships and get a good night’s sleep!
  • Rapid Results — knowing how to inspire collaboration while making demands and delivering on expectations, means everyone wins.
  • Leadership Purpose — when you know your direction, your calling and mission in life, you can aspire to greatness.

“Harry is both safe and provocative at the same time. There is something about the timbre of his voice that contributes to that.

He also has a way of seeing the world that is slightly different than other people and gets them pondering and seeing things differently. It opens people up to possibilities.”

– Amy Avergun
Leadership Training Designer

Organizational Consulting

As an independent organizational consultant, I have applied my 25 years of experience as a senior leader in four multinational companies—each in a different industry. Cummins: industrial automotive; Avery Dennison: office products and base materials; Global Knowledge: IT training and education; Devon: oil and gas.
My consulting clients include players in many industries—telecommunications, IT, software, professional services, healthcare and medical services, pharmaceuticals, medical products, manufacturing and heavy industry, consumer products, food and beverages, law firms, banks and investment companies, insurance, governmental agencies, financial services, educational enterprises, youth development programs, schools, churches, consulting firms, foundations, and charities. My clients have most often been senior executives or high potential mangers. These are the kinds of tasks I’ve taken up:

  • Teambuilding and meeting facilitation
  • Conflict mediation
  • New product and market development
  • Lean and TQM
  • Succession management, talent selection, and onboarding
  • Future search and similar large group events
  • Basic infrastructure for pre-IPO firms
  • Leadership education
  • Merger and acquisition alignment
  • Strategic planning
  • Being a trusted partner when a group is working its way through a complex situation