Harry Hutson’s leadership purpose is to help people get out of their own way. He is a trusted advisor to leaders on every level of the pyramid.

Hutson is a member of NTL Institute.

His strength is framing complex issues in a clear way and speaking truth to power in a way that can be heard. His approach is pragmatic and thoughtful. His clients say he is trusted, he has a true understanding of our objectives, and he is unflappable under pressure, and this: “You have never let us forget that the greatest asset we have is the intelligence, creativity, and drive of our employees.”

Hutson’s current and former clients range from large to startup—public, private and nonprofit. For 25 years he served in senior human resources and leadership and organizational development roles in four multinational companies, and as an independent consultant. He has a passion for talent development, change management, organizational integration, and—most of all—finding a way when people feel lost or confused and tough choices need to be made.

With offices in North Carolina, New York, and Massachusetts, his current passion is to enhance everyday leadership practice by applying lessons learned from organizational crises.