Guiding you to unlock
your leadership potential

We’re living in a new abnormal. We’re still experiencing a confluence of crises, some planetary, some in our places of work, and some in our hearts and minds. The previous past is not returning. Now in the fully matured phase of my career, I’m asking this: are we being called to reinvent ourselves? I want to be your ally as you chart your (new) course, whatever that may be.


Leadership Services Offered

One-on-One Coaching

My expertise is fully “joining” my clients—I begin where you are and prioritize our work together according to where you want to go. My tools of the trade include 360-degree feedback, personality assessments, development plans identifying strengths and derailers, practice sessions to master new skills, and heart-to-heart conversations that encourage trust and understanding.

Organizational Consulting

25 years of senior “people” experience in four multinational companies. 15 years plus as an independent consultant to startups, nonprofits, government arms, and multinational corporations. I’ve been on board during mergers and acquisitions, organizational upheavals, managed change rollouts in quality and safety, and culture change initiatives. My favorite work is the challenge to create more inclusive, more productive, and more psychologically safe groups of people.

"I leave every interaction with Harry feeling refreshed, challenged, and enriched. His insights and wisdom are always relevant and fresh, yet timeless."

– Mark R
Senior Principal Architect Integrated People Solutions
enterprise software company

Wide Reaching Experience

My leadership purpose is to help people get out of their own way. I am a trusted advisor to leaders on every level of the pyramid and on every phase of their journey.

My strength is listening, perceiving and framing complex issues; then speaking the truth about realities and finding good solutions. My approach is pragmatic and thoughtful. My coaching clients say I am trusted, I gain a true understanding of their objectives, and I help them get unstucked and move on.

"Harry’s unflinching and practical support gave me confidence as I took over a 25-person team. He is a great adviser, and I hope to reengage his services soon. "

– Kevin R
Global Head of Capital Markets Research
global investment firm

"Harry is a great listener who provides thoughtful and strategic insight
that gets right to the issues at hand."

– Kristin V
Chief Counsel
global telecommunications firm