Harry’s professional publications include “Utilizing States of Organizational Readiness,” (with Barry Dym) for the Organization Development Network’s Organizational Practitioner, which won their annual best-article award. Sage published their book, Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations, in January, 2005, and it was nominated for the 2005-2006 Annual Terry McAdam Book Award by the Alliance for Nonprofit Management. Putting Hope to Work: Five Principles to Activate Your Organization’s Most Powerful Resource, (with Barbara Perry), was published by Praeger in May, 2006. In recognition, Harvard Business Review highlighted “The Leader from Hope” as a breakthrough idea for 2007. His current project concerns leaders in crises. He is studying the empirical literature and performing qualitative research to understand what happens when the unexpected happens on their watch, how they respond, and then how they recover and grow as a result of the experience. Harry has presented workshops at professional meetings sponsored by organizations such as Training Magazine, Organizational Development Network, New England Human Resources Association, Learning Conference (UK and US), Association for Quality and Participation, and Pegasus/Systems Thinking, for many years.



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February 26, 2016
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Achievement Learning
Taking Action Learning the Next Step Up

OD PRACTITIONER Vol. 47 No. 2 2015
PDF Download

Rogue Waves on the Leadership Voyage

June 2014
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Putting Hope to Work

Praeger Press, May 2006
Overview – PDF Download Purchase Online
Hutson and Perry draw upon their many years of research and management consulting, to present a pragmatic approach to identifying, supporting, and sustaining “hope” and channeling it toward productive ends to create more vibrant, creative, collaborative — and successful — workplaces. Integrating insights from fields as diverse as anthropology, psychology, philosophy, and biology, Hutson and Perry identify the five key principles of hope — possibility, agency, worth, openness, and connection — and demonstrate how they can be developed in any type of organization. Featuring dozens of in-depth examples and personal experiences from a wide variety of organizations, as well as tools for applying hope toward effective leadership, decision making, problem solving, and communication, the authors offer a multi-dimensional approach to management that is both inspiring and practical, tapping into a universal desire to produce work that is as meaningful as it is profitable.

Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations

Sage Publications, January 2005
Purchase Online
Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations by Barry Dym and Harry Hutson is about exemplary leadership as found in both corporate and nonprofit organizations. Taking a fresh approach to the study of leadership, the authors perform research in nonprofits both to understand and appreciate their complexities and to reach conclusions about the nature of leadership in any context, including for-profit and governmental entities. This is an ideal core text for graduate courses in nonprofit leadership. It could be used as a supplementary text in graduate courses in organization development and leadership, as well as courses in community development, human ecology, and human services. In addtion, practitioners, managers, and and nonprofit organizational stakeholders will find it of great interest.

Leveraging Organizational Readiness for Change

The Systems Thinker – VOL. 15 NO. 9 November 2004
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